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April 9, 2013 | Lar

Special Book Auction!

Last year my wife did the 10km walk to fundraise for research into Multiple Sclerosis. My online family (that’s you) responded generously to me putting my dignity on the line with pledges totalling just over $5,000. (click here to be reminded about what I’m talking about).

Well my dignity won’t come so cheap this year. If you can donate a zillion dollars to KickStarter, you can do better this year and the clock is ticking!

We have already hit our first goal!. I promised at the $2500 mark that I not only would do some free art for those who have donated but I would marathon Ustream it. So I’d like to announce that this week’s Ustream on Friday April 12 will go for at least eight hours. Longer will depend upon you. Details to be discussed as the week progresses but I’m at least going to be working on the art, which will be a massive UNIVERSE VERSIONS VERSUS DODGEBALL match. I’m talking Kirk vs Picard, Mario vs Sonic.. maybe Leonard vs Wheaton? I’m still figuring out who and how many I’ll be able to fit in. Your suggestions are of course welcome and appreciated. Which mixed bag of characters would you like to see join the fray? Let me know via social media or email and I’ll take it all under consideration.

There is also a special auction underway for a very special copy of the LFG Omnibus. You can find the details here:

Donations to my wife’s MS Walk for the Cure can be made here:

Every dollar counts! We can beat Multiple Sclerosis together!