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March 13, 2017 | Sohmer

Richard: The Action Figure

We did promise a little something excited for today, this glorius March 13th, 2017, and thankfully, after smacking our heads on the keyboard repeatedly for a few hours; we were prepared to make that happen.

May I present the first ever Richard: The Action Figure:

We’re doing this as a 1-week Kickstarter, after Kickstarter had approached us to participate in their fun 1-week March event. We also thought it would be a more fun way to do pre-orders, rather than just Moss, Costello and myself yelling at you to go to the shop in a blog post.


Costello and Aurelie, with a tiny bit of help from Lar and myself, have worked almost a year to make this product a reality. And of course, thanks to Will, Shayna, Greg, Louay and Moss for creating that stupidly entertaining video.

As always, friends, thank you hugely for the support and let’s get our hands on some 4-inch dicks.

(Moss made me write that last part. Usually I’m super classy).

Also, kudos to James who backed this project before I even made this post.

-Because I Can.