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November 21, 2013 | Sohmer

Paintball & Some Chatty Chat

We’re in the midst of a little Paintball renaissance here in the Blind Ferret offices, in the sense that we can’t stop talking about it, playing it and talking about the next time we’ll play it.

So, naturally, we decided to incorporate that fact into our little Kickstarter.

We’ve opened up a new Reward level, which gives anyone interested, and willing to travel at their own expense, a fun afternoon of paintball with me and the Blind Ferret crew. The time and date will be agreed upon by everyone.


Come on down, pledge and shoot me in the face. Everyone wins.

On that subject, tomorrow afternoon at 2pm EST, myself, Misty Lee (the voice of Benny and my adopted daughter) will be doing a video Q&A session, giving you the chance to ask any question relating to LFG and the animated series that you might have.

I’ll post here when we’re live.

lfg-animated-AMAblogpostJoin us, yes?

-Because I Can.