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June 12, 2017 | Moss

Oh Batman, My Batman

This past weekend, we lost an entertainment giant when at 88 years of age, Adam West took his leave of us and ascended to the big Bat Cave in the sky.

Being of a certain age, it’s hardly surprising to hear that a childhood hero has passed on these days. But losing Adam West hit me a little harder than some of the other greats we’ve lost recently. When I was a kid, before I got into comics, before there was a Michael Keaton movie, even before there was an Animated Series, there was “Batman (1966).”

On every day after school for a full hour, I was drawn into Gotham City by Adam West, Burt Ward and the slew of incredible actors of the day who guest starred as villains. I had a blue beach towel that I would fasten around my neck and a blue cloth cowl that my older cousin had made for me and every time I slipped into that ramshackle costume, I too, was Batman. Without that show exposing me to fantasy worlds of do-gooders and villainous schemes, I doubt I’d be the person I am today, doing the work I do and enjoying it so much.

When I heard about Adam’s passing, I did 2 things; First, I sat down with my 2-year old Daughter and showed her some of my favourite episodes of Batman from the Blu-ray set I bought the second it was available. I don’t know if she got it all, but she pointed to Catwoman and said “Kitty!!” a lot. Second, I went through my digital archives looking for nine and a half minutes of tape from August, 2010.

Back in the day, I used to co-host a podcast/radio show called The Watchtower. It was a lot of fun and we talked all things comics, but one of my favourite moments ever was when we we joined by Batman himself, Adam West. It was a brief chat and there was some promotion to do, but I remember him being an entertaining, professional and giving person (He talked to us way longer than his publicist wanted). It went down as one of my favourite moments in the show’s history. I’ve uploaded it to SoundCloud and you can here it here:

With all that said, and much yet to be done, I wanted to take a moment and remember someone who I barely met, but had a huge impact on my life, and I imagine the lives of millions. I hope Adam enjoys knowing he’ll never be forgotten as he enters the rest he’s earned. As for us Bat-Fans still here, all I can say is thank you and

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