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April 17, 2017 | Costello

NPC You In Chicago

Con season is upon us again, including myself and Stone blowing into Chicago this weekend with Blind Ferret’s creative czars Ryan Sohmer and Lar DeSouza (booth 1453, see you there!) As a result, time is tighter than Richard’s purse’s water seal. Instead of trying to keep another ball in the air, Sohmer has put NPC on hiatus.

While we all wait patiently for the next installment of Non Playable Character, you have time to sound off and possibly influence NPC tale 28 and beyond. Who are some members of LFG’s expanded cast you would like to know more about? What are some seeming plot holes you’d like us to Rogue One? What’s a great moment in LFG you think needs to be revisited? Post your thoughts in the comments below!

Speaking of comments, here are the top comments for April 3rd to 14th.

LFG 1075
Chris Hucklebridge
Given that Charles has lived inside the purse, I’m sure he can bend the rules. Plus we don’t know that much about him, other than the fact that something impressive is meant to happen sometime soon (which is why the rest of his kind wanted him dead)

Paco Sanz

With the casualness that he sucked someone into a pocket dimension to be eaten by a dragon, I’m not sure how much longer this kid will be considered innocent.

Ben Giesselman

Usually you give the mugger your purse. Richard gives the mugger to his purse.

NPC 27-11
Sariias Moor
The fire you spray on elve- Oh? Not that one, huh…? Oh well…

Galileo Figaro

The tooth grew over the chin, we retracted it to the gums.
-The Phares.

Herkko Pulkkinen

We’re also every breath you take
Every move you make
Every bond you break
Every step you take

TDA 164
Sariias Moor
No politics? What the hell? That’s the only reason I come here on Wednesdays.

Alexandre Cauchon

Every time I do it makes me laugh
How did our eyes get so yellow?
And where the hell is Cale’s elbow?

Speedy Marsh
Well, here’s a quarter, call someone who cares.

LFG 1076
Nick Lancial
LOL little guys just strolling along with his man eating bag unaware that Uncle Cale and Aunty Benny are griping in the deep dark dungeon….and how could he not know about the dungoen I mean for gods sakes he was king there for a few weeks

Minh Duong
Manacles! Ooooh, my idea of heaven, is to be allowed to be put in manacles. Just for a few hours… they must think the sun shines out your ass, sonny.

Kieran Friesen
But the dank, Benny! The dank!

NPC 27-12
Speedy Marsh
Now, that is one light drinker!
What kinds of spirits has he got in that cup??? Whatever they are, they’ve got bite… overbite, actually.

Andrew Tung
Wait, have we any idea when this happens chronologically? I’d think something as big as the Phares being reembodied would have led to a strong power shift in Kethenecia that the Princess would have put down. So, are we seeing this all happen just to remove the possibility of the Phares helping in the main storyline, or does this somehow happen in the *future* of the plot?

Marcus Parriott
something tells me there is a Saiyan to the side of the page….

LFG 1077
Galileo Figaro
I don’t like the way the goat-cow is smiling at us on the fifth panel.
Why are you so smug, lamb-chops?
What, do you know something WE don’t know?
Do you think that makes you better than me?!
I’ll roast you using your cow of a mother’s humerus as a roasting spike!

Sariias Moor
I know that face.
That’s a secret fart face.

Raphael Silva
I honestly didn’t expect the tauren children to end up being as cute as they did. Its combining the cuteness of a calf with the cuteness of a kid. Its too much!

April D. Korbel
Odd that I’m most wigged out by the fact that Benny doesn’t have hooves but she still has cloven feet.

NPC 27-13
Donna Deville LeBlanc
It’s apparent that the tooth, much like Pinocchio’s nose, grows and shrinks as the situation demands.
Dude gets PO’d? Tooth grows.
Dude gets spiritual manifestation from cup? Tooth shrinks.
He hangs onto that cup for a few minutes longer, and he’ll no longer have a need for an orthodontist. But someone may want to refer him to Kethenecia’s finest dermatologist, because all the mud-bending in the world isn’t helping his complexion.

Dana Bills
The tooth measures his capacity for independent control. The longer it is, the more control he has over his mind, body, and circumstances. It has shrunken to the point where he can barely control most of his own mind. When the tooth is extinguished, so, too, his autonomy.

Maire Phelan
That has got to be the most disinterested teacher ever. A student starts making three of the elements bend to their will? Just a mild inconvience apparently!

Speedy Marsh
So, I looked up ‘phare’, and it means ‘beacon’ or ‘lighthouse’.
Also, up there in Canadia, ‘PHARE’ stands for ‘Public Health and the Agricultural Rural Ecosystem’
We were told, on page 110 that ‘photah’ means nature.
The photah can’t effect nature immediately, only over vast periods of time. They can, however mobilize an army of nature spirits.
A Jarl is a Norse or Danish chief
So, the Photah take ages to do anything that will have a positive effect on people and nature, just like a government agency. Jarl is glowing like a beacon of hope for the ecosystem. But, instead of protecting the ecosystem, he’s about to be used by a misinformed group, to harm the people.
Is the leader of the agency that’s supposed to protect the health of Canada’s nature and people, actually being used by their misinformed agency, to light the way for militant nature lovers, and screw agricultural communities over, while doing just about squat for the ecosystem? Or, am I reading way too much into this?
(I might be looking at this through Red, White, and Blue colored glasses. I think my rose colored glasses got stepped on)
tl;dr: “We’re here from the government, eh? We’re like here to help you… bend over… for Nature. Got any Elsinore beer for our fancy cup? Watching mayhem is thirsty work.”

TDA 165
Julia Miller
Ebaneezer Scrooge had it right in the begining.

Jon Barendse
Seems legit. A man has two things (three here I guess, but I’m counting thoughts and prayers as one), one of which he’s willing to give and one he’s not.

Tim Bard
Makes me wonder who he’d pray to…

LFG 1078
Sariias Moor
I’m hoping the wee king is just walking around the city stealing random stuff just to steal stuff and it actually has no relation to rescuing them at all.

Kyle Kreiger
The Wee King has got some bushy eyebrows. Kingly eyebrows perhaps.

Joshua Gist
The whole LFG realm is nothing more than the adolescent imagination of Little Rayne.

Now you know,