Literally, Dick In a Box

Two weeks after you more than doubled our goal for the Richard Action Figure Kickstarter campaign, we have a surprise for you: A preview of the gorgeous and hilarious packaging. During the campaign, we only showed a digital mock-up of how Richard would be packaged. For the first time in public, here are pictures of a physical sample of what our talented art director Aurélie Martin put together to store your plastic Dick:


We understand that different collectors have different display needs so we set out to design a package for everyone. Want a great looking box that hints at the awesomeness of the toy inside? Place this bad boy on your shelf with the door closed to show off the original piece of LFG art. Want the toy and the packaging in full view at the same time? The door opens to reveal Richard surrounded by his accessories. Want the option to display the figure Mint In Box (MIB) but also want to pull it out and play with it? The package can be opened without damaging it and the figure can be removed and replaced at your leisure. Just want the toy? Pretty sure the box is recyclable.

 The package design is basically done, but this is still a sample. We’ll clean up the typos and replace the pictures of the figure on the box with a production figure instead of the hand-painted prototype. We should be getting a production sample of the toy shortly. As soon as we have it, rest assured you’ll get to see it!

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