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As comments in TDA 150 indicate, there’s some debate over how terrible 2016 was. I think BiggyDingus’ comment nicely illustrates my feelings that it isn’t the quantity of celebrities but the quality. It’s why my response to the people falling over themselves to say “it begins” when reporting the celebrity deaths on January 1st, 2017 is “not even close.”

Should we even be mourning dead celebrities when… (pick as many as apply):

  • …they were just people, it’s not like we knew them personally?
  • …wars are going on and people are dying everywhere;
  • …we could focus on the scientific discoveries;
  • …life is a meaningless spiral of cold consumerism and nothing you do will ever amount to anything?

Absolutely. Emotions aren’t a turn-based RPG. We can multi-feel, simultaneously feeling: sad that someone we saw ourselves in or otherwise found ourselves drawn to in a way that helped us understand ourselves a bit better; silly that way and knowing better; empathy with those in far worse situations; helplessness over what we can do for them; proud of all we as a people have accomplished; dumb for not being able to understand the ramifications of those accomplishments, even after they’re explained by our scientist wives; excited about the life-sized Sharc someone made in their garage.

Apparently I’ve gotten into a lot of imaginary arguments lately. Instead, let’s focus on some real arguments! Here are the top comments for December 19th to 30th, 2016.

LFG 1045
Richard’s cleverness never ceases to amaze me. If he wears the still living skin of the innocent then every attack against him triggers the fwoosh. Brilliant.
And stylish.

I love how he gets his power from a technicality xD


I’m betting that Richard is just a distraction (but he probably wasn’t told as much). I doubt that the rest of the gang are going to just sit back and continue their little forest picnic while this goes on. Not Cale’s style.

NPC 26-06
David Rickard
You know you’ve really screwed up when even the horse gives you the stink eye…

Mr. Random
What an oddly specific thing to say to people you intend to kill.

Speedy Marsh

The horse went into the closet for cleaning supplies. She has to work as a maid, on the late shift, because cleaning up after Those Left Behind is a night mare. Sometimes, she also has to filly in for the day shift, when one of them is out with a colt.

TDA 149
Back in the 90s I worked retail, and of course management required we say “Happy Holidays” and NEVER “Merry Christmas” He wasn’t a jerk or anything but we constantly got stuff from the Head Office about it.
One day I wished a customer “Happy Holidays” They got SOOOO pissed off. They demanded I say “Merry Christmas” or else they’d have to log a formal complaint about me to my manager.
Because they were being such a douche nozzle I said “Go ahead” – they stared at me for a second, then decided to leave.
I honestly wanted to see what would happen if they did! It was a cruddy job anyway so I was cool if it cost me the job.

What, I can’t be anonymous?
As a devout Futuramist, celebration of Xmas is my right.

Those fools! They all think they’re celebrating Christmas but we successfully replaced it with Channukah this year!

LFG 1046
Sidequest completed:
Bang the queen.
Rewards: Fiery Waraxe with +1 to fire absorption

Well, we can see what HE got for Christmas.

What kind of idiot brings an axe to a Fwoosh fight?

NPC 26-07
Speedy Marsh
“Nope. That’s Notan item on our How Not to Die list.”
“We didn’t get the horse in here. He got us in here. So ask him.”

Darkoneko Hellsing
Throne room, so… secret backdoor ?

The same way you got in here, Notan: The power of the page transition.

LFG 1047
Come on now Ray’d, I’m curtain if you just axed nicely, Richard would agree not to kill your baby.

Kai Lucien Lowell
Richard’s weapon clearly met its match.

Asher Tye
In the grand game of rock paper scissors, axe always beats toothpicks

Did Ray’d just stay in that pose and do nothing while Richard acted like an air traffic controller?

Proud Liberal
Don’t feel too bad Richard, one out of five Warlocks have that problem.

NPC 26-08
Look, the sign outside said “pull”!

Honestly … I want to see those three come to Cale´s rescue at some point in the actual story – not just side story.

I also love how the text balloons are just floating there and we have to guess who said what. Now I like to think the wall asked the horse what happened, then the doors starts asking all the questions to which the floor replies `ask him` but I`m not sure who him is.

TDA 150
Speedy Marsh
They act like they love him, but really, they’re anxiously awaiting this weekend, when they get to steal his soul, impale him, chop him up, and fwoosh the pieces.

Bloody Mary, Vlad the Impaler, The Devil and Tiny Dick walk into a bar…..
(Next line please)… 🙂

DVS BSTrD (in response to Garioki)
… and ask “Where is Rasputin? I was sure he’d get here first, since he’s always been russian.”

I am not particularly obsessed with celebrity deaths, and I don’t find the meme “”entertaining”” enough to go out of my way to spread it, but I had to pick one, I would definitely pick 2016 as the worst year.
Normally when they read off the list of deaths before the new year, I recognize maybe two or three, and maybe every other year, there will be one person whose death makes me think that I’m really going to miss seeing their work. This year, as someone who loves sci-fi and fantasy, and as someone whose musical tastes were pretty much shaped from the late 70s to the early 90s, I’m going to miss maybe a half dozen people on the list, and not just because I have an overabundance of empathy. These weren’t exactly guys who passed on quietly decades after their last noteworthy contribution to the world. George Michael and Prince were still performing, still writing music. Anton Yelchin was a young actor, and an important part of a revived franchise that I honestly thought was killed for good by Enterprise/Nemesis. Star Wars will obviously endure without Carrie Fisher, but having her in the last trilogy would have been pretty nice for those of us who saw her in the first trilogy when we were young.”

LFG 1048
For all those who think “Burning Hands” is a lame mage spell – behold its usefulness in saving Richards bacon (and sausage, some cinnamon rolls and I’m sure a few other snacks for later)

Ah, nothing like a good battle to warm the heart…

Try a “Touch of Dick” for the udderly smoothest cream in town. Guaranteed to make your heart burn away in just minutes
***Known side effects include odd sized gaping holes in your chest, singed hair/fur and/or your reanimated corpse swearing allegiance. If you witness any of these symptoms, don’t botther consulting your physician… you’re SOL

NPC 26-09
You can’t murder a “raiding” party, unless said raiding party is REALLY bad at its job.

– you made a haunted castle one of your outpost?
– that Shriek can be a loud roommate at time but she is reasonable and surprisingly eager at keeping an eye on our stolen cattle

Martin Whiten
[Panel 5] {Bottom right of frame}
I am Group!

Thanks for another great year everybody! Looking forward to another year telling you that your comments are just the best. Until next time, be excellent to each other!

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