La Website

Busy day at Ferret HQ, but wanted to mention a few website related things:

  • A certain Warlock we all know, love and fear is now giving this Twitter thing a go. I’d recommend following him, as I won’t be responsible for what happens should you not.
  • For those among you who dabble in the Reddits, please keep in mind that LFG has it’s very own subreddit.
  • Those RSS issues that were plaguing us for some time, have been solved. The RSS feed will now properly notify of you new comics (LFG, NPC and TDA) as well as blog posts (like this one).
  • After many years of trying, we’ve finally redesigned the LFG logo to my extreme pleasure. We’ll be debuting it sometime this week.
  • We are now officially in the process of re-designing this website. With 3 comics on one site, we’ve more than outgrown the current design. I’ll keep you updated as we go.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go do more research on Paintball barrels…

…work. I need to go do work.

-Because I Can.

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