It’s crunch time, folks, and I need your help.

I can’t stress enough just how much we want to make this game. We’ve been working on LFG & The Fork of Truth for many months now, and we all want nothing more than to keep working on it for you, for the next 14.

To date, we’re 27% funded and we’ve only got 8 days to go. 8 days to raise almost $440,000.

A lot of money, not a lot of time, but I believe that we can do it. I honestly do. 

If just 5% of LFG’s audience would pick-up the game, we’d be there. That’s it, just 5% and the game gets made.

So with that, I make a humble please. If you enjoy LFG, been enjoying it for the past 6-odd years, then please, consider backing this project. We will make it worth your while.

And if my constant shilling doesn’t work, let’s try another approach:


Thank you folks, let’s make this happen.


-Because I Can.

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