You’ve probably heard content creators advise each other not to “read the comments”. When Lookit This, the second Tiny Dick’s Brief that I wrote, went up this week, I wanted to see what people thought of it. Here are the first five comments posted, in order:

nice vid!

Prime 202

EnderGaming 9
Always love these animations. XD

Joey 787
4th comment

5th comment and great vid

Funny enough, on the same day as Lookit This dropped, Tiny Dick Adventures 145 featured the first “First” comment I have seen in the two years I’ve been writing the Top Comments. I initially down-voted the comment, but then the board member who posted that, Fardale, replied to himself with the endearing “this has never happened b4 :D” and I couldn’t stay mad. But beware, Fardale. Everyone gets one. I’ve seen comic comment sections get downright obnoxious with readers rushing to let everyone know in what order they posted their reply.

To everyone else, thank you. Your posts continue to be fun, intriguing, and, at the very least, contain actual content. Also, just so I’m not completely bagging on our YouTube posters, I did particularly enjoy this exchange between Flavourius and Bruce “(I’m assuming) Speedy” Marsh:

11.471 sharks are being killed per hour, because they kill less humans than a vending machine. Yes. A vending machine.

Bruce Marsh
I’ve heard about that machine. It’s full of Wheat Thins, Rice Krispies Treats, Popcorn, and Oatmeal Creme Pies. Whenever someone buys something from it, it topples over, and buries them in snacks. That thing is a cereal killer! We should demand that that machine be brought to justice!

Well done, people. Also well done to everyone who made it so difficult to narrow down the comments on LFG 1037 to a top 3. I had to go with a rare top 5! And it was mostly from readers we don’t normally see in the top comments. No idea what it was about that page that spurred the creative juices, but I drank them in.

But that’s enough ado. Here are your top comments for November 21st to November 25th, 2016!

LFG 1037
Dorel: “We pledged to another.”
Cale: “What did they offer?”
Dorel: “Extensive Dental coverage & every Tuesday is ‘Doughnut Day’.”
Cale: “Well crap.”

Kai Lucien Lowell
Is this what one calls a Bloodragequit?

I’m #withher apparently did not turn out so well here either.

Candide Scaramouche
I can see how this came as a such a surprise considering how when we MET them the bloodrage were on the brink of extinction due to blindly following terrible leaders consumed by their own self-interests. Possibly the Bloodrage should consider some new & improved form of political leadership like shaking up a magic-8 ball whenever a decision needs to be made?

So… when Styx said “with her”, he wasn’t talking about Cale?

NPC 25-06
Well slap my toosh, with a woosh, that poor bush, is about to go Fwoosh.

Sensei Le Roof
Okay, we get it. Benny’s half tree.
At least that explains her green thumb.
And fingers.
And face.

It’s odd that I never considered the bush to be it’s own character until this story. I had just assumed Richard had transformed and animated the thing himself, even though he’d never done any magic like that before or since. All he does is “fwoosh”.

TDA 145
Minh Duong
Tiny Dick’s being a tad passive aggressive.

Katherine Delain
Guess Richard won’t be looking for roomates on Craigslist anymore. 😉

Look up the term “Nintendo hard”. Yeah, liiittle bit evil.

LFG 1038
P. Stein
Dorel wasn’t ordered to stand outside in order to guard, but as the equivalent of a sock on the door handle.

Speedy Marsh
Well, I guess she likes taking the bull by the horn.

Alex Kehling
scoots closer Gooooo oooonnnnn

NPC 25-07
Speedy Marsh
Ooooor, what if Benny failed to revive Krunch, because Richard had already pilfered his soul?
Now, he’s no longer the Cap’n’s Krunch. He’s a Krunch Berry bush. 😉

Does this make Richard a Hedge Wizard?

Dick meets bush. New life is formed. Fun times commence.


Until next time, be excellent to each other,

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