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As you know, our comment section was fueled by Disqus until last week, after they gave us one week’s notice that we would either need to run their ads or pay for their service. One week was not a tonne of time to make an important decision, but it was enough time to curate the last of the top comments on Disqus, from January 9th to January 25th, 2017. That’s a wider range that I usually cover in one post, but as a collector I value keeping sets together. We’ll start with the top Facebook comments next week.

LFG 1051
Dee Zed
I see Richard is well armed for this battle….
sorry, couldn’t help myself…


The question is does she wants to build a snowman? Doesn’t have to be a snowman.

Purple gem accessory at the forehead: excellent choice.
Purple oversized metal bulky glove, with that dress: she does need help.

Nick Lancial
TONIGHT ON WIZ BOUT!:In one corner weighing over 400 pounds the king of pain the mistress of magma, the LOCK THAT SOCKS!!:DICK THE SLAYER AAAANNNDDDD…THE FIST!!!!!…..and in the other corner weighing an undisclosed amount pulsing with unlimited evil magical power emanating from a stick up her ass…..the princess of pain, the witch bitch, Glenda’s evil doppleganger and current “ruler” of kenethica,,,,and fashion sense ….THE PRINCESS!!!…..LET’S GET IT ON!!!

NPC 26-12
You think horse is going to put up with that insult? From the look he’s giving, “Notan your life….”

Plot twist: Closet horse is named Gerry.

Ivory Bill
One horse is an idiot, one horse is depressed, and the other is full of sass. Do we have an NPC comic spawned from an NPC comic in the works here?

TDA 152
Richard should come to Australia and become Prime Minister, the last 4 got back stabbed anyway

The Archmage himself could’ve gotten the GOP nomination and Pennsylvania would still vote for him as long as he promised to bring back coal mining jobs. Remember that you asked for deregulation when the mine collapses and you die slowly on carbon monoxide poisoning, idiots.

LFG 1052
Tor Bjarte Kolshus
Death by self-inflicted truth.. Shinjitsushiku

I wonder… what *was* Dick’s objective? And then it dawned on me… That head piece thingy he flicked off of Rayd’s head. Is it a symbol of Chieftanship of the ‘taurs? What if Dick was pilfering it to de-crown Rayd and give it to someone else? Targeting their daughter and claiming Pella’s gifted arm as spoils off of Rayd may have been a diversion to hide his true objective, and taunting the dynamite queen may have been a handy exfiltration method. It *looks* like the interloper was dispatched, but then Benny comes back, challenging Rayd for chieftanship citing her descendance from Krunch and wearing the crown thingy, pulling the ‘Taur tribe out from under Magic Cersei. And should it come to a trial by combat, Dick severing Rayd’s arm (and thoroughly fwooshing him) serves to tip things in Benny’s favor, since it’s likely neither Pella nor any gnome mechanists would be willing to repair it given Rayd’s current loyalties. The target wasn’t the satyr baby, but Rayd’s right to rule. We shall see if my paradoxically spontaneous and convoluted theory is true or not in the not too distant future…

You forgot a speech bubble at the last panel with Richard saying:

Andrew Bowers
Cyclops merchant with no depth perception trying to hand a bag to the old lady… lol

NPC 26-13
You’d think after attacking a Four Seasons hotel, you could slip away.

What a stylish scarf! You should really add a fez to it. Fezzes are cool.

Kai Lucien Lowell
So they’re seasoned travelers.
I’d prefer them with a little less thyme myself, but one can’t be picky.

Are they trying to raid Asterix’s village?
Because, that’s not gonna end well.

LFG 1053
It’s the most literate we’ve seen Tim yet!

It took less than a week for me to so far catch up to the entire series, all 1053 pages.. each day as I read, I left the page after reading twice as much as the day before. Fantastic.

Woah. Epiphany. You know how Richard’s word bubbles are always outlined in red & he frequently breaks the fourth wall… What if all this time Richard’s been cutting the edges of his bubbles, so they bled. That red would be word bubble blood.

NPC 26-14
Galileo Figaro
You know, in a world where elves are by definition effeminate, having the critical idenfifying factor be one’s excessive femininity is a feat in and of itself.

Martin Whiten
You idiot! You didn’t catch them. You caught their STUNT DOUBLES!

This NPC is pretty much Skyrim:
Just do so many sidequests until you stumble upon your main quest some day.
“We have to search for our brother, sister.”
“Well no, gotta invade some cities for a year first.”

TDA 153
Ivory Bill
I’m still waiting for them to sign off on my Spontaneous Orphan Generation Foundation.

Why just for adults? Kids want to murder, too.

Sounds like a cross between In Time and The Purge: Anarchy.

LFG 1054
Pretty sure wounded Cale is actually more recognizable.

Axe and ye shalt receive.

Ivory Bill
Hit him hard enough and it’s going to be a makeunder.
But everyone knows you can’t have a funeral without fun first.

That job’s a work of artery.

NPC 26-15
Setting the commander’s tent on fire.
Richard would be proud.

Sapphire Crook
I like to imagine he sends postcards whenever someone does a good arson.
The card self destructs after being read, and is the most common cause of ‘lost mail’.

Notan: Oh come on where we are from arson is a conversation starter, there was that one training where we had to throw hot coals at Cale for a month
Clada: And we kept doing it for two more

Galileo Figaro
Well, it appears Clada is going up for a promotion pretty soon.
Preeeeeeeeeeetty soon…
Like, “in the next 15 seconds or so” soon.
And most likely by broom.

LFG 1055
Something about this page brings me great joy. I’m not sure if it’s Benny’s gleeful expression in the second panel, or the fact that I’m imagining her being chased with the Benny Hill theme music in the background.

Styx: I don’t think Tim can charge in a straight line so we are gonna need a gnome to direct him

Kaci Phillips
I’m beginning to think that none of these people are actually Cale’s friend

P. Stein
Once the “raiding party” reaches the castle: “Oh, no! Two guards! We would have successfully invaded this castle, if it wasn’t for two guards! And one of them has a moustache!”
Then they laugh.

NPC 26-16
Speedy Marsh
Don’t you just hate it, when somebody cuts you off, mid-sentence?
I’d be smouldering.

Who knew that a group of bandits / “puckish rogues” would be so *puts on sunglasses* cutthroat?

Fighting fire with fire means using a controlled fire break to burn the fuel in the path of the larger fire thus starving it off so it dies out.

TDA 154
Jack Mask
Man, we’re running out of everybody and everything these days. Starfighters, Mohicans, Guardians, Dragons, Action Heroes, Boy Scouts, Kings of Scotland, Samurai, Airbenders, Unicorns, Songs and Crusades. I’m sure there are more, but I need to go finish my last banana.

Ivory Bill
Was really hoping for something like Jawas Unleashed or Quarnge Cola and Some Wookie

Is anyone else worried about Tiny Dick keeping a guy tied up in his apartment? While wielding a blood stained machete?

Until next time, be excellent to each other everybody!

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