Fan Expo: Two Places at Once

Because we are desperately working to find the cure for Con Crud, Sohmer, Lar, Stone and Shayna are as we speak travelling down the fabled 401 to Toronto for Fan Expo! They even took with them a whole bunch of stuff including LFG Vol.9, Goodnight Sooba, TDA Vol.2 and the wildly popular More Phun expansion for Orphans & Ashes! 

The show starts Thursday and runs until Sunday and if you’re in attendance we are at not one, but TWO booths! That’s right, we’ll be at booth 430 and A180. They are very close together, but should you walk between then be on the lookout for flying fwooshes.

Does two 50% chances equal a 100% chance?

Think about that. In the meantime, we’ll hold down the fort here!

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