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January 2, 2014 | Sohmer

Debuting Tomorrow

From all of us here, folks, we wish you a very happy New Year, with nothing but love and laughter to you and your families.

Tomorrow brings us to January 3rd which means the debut of NPC. Seeing that, I suppose it’s time to fill you in on what exactly we’re doing.

What is NPC?
Non Playable Character is a new series set in the world of LFG, telling the stories of characters that don’t usually get the limelight.

Where can I see it?
NPC will be published to this very site.

Will it be done in issues, like LFG?
It will be grouped together in ‘tales’. There is no set limit per tale, meaning a story can be 5 pages, or it can be 20. Will differ from tale to tale.

Is Lar drawing NPC?
Nope. Too lazy.

Then who is?
One of the most talented artists I know, and one with self esteem low enough to work with me. Hawk, known in webcomics circles from his old comic ‘Applegeeks’, and currently doing some pretty cool shite with QMX. We’re thrilled to have him aboard.

But what about Ed?
Ed will of course be coloring NPC. At this point, I cant imagine doing any comic without him.

When will NPC update?
A new page will go live every Tuesday and Friday.

Wait. So new content on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday?
That is correct. 4 pages a week.

You must love us a lot.
It’s true.

Are there any more questions I should be asking?
I don’t think so, but if you can think of something, please ask away in the comments. I’ll be lurking.

But I should come back to the site tomorrow?
Most definitely.

-Because I Can.