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March 6, 2017 | Costello

Cup O’Classics

Last week, when Gaten made his return, commenter Jennifer Richardson said:

Jennifer Richardson
Now I gotta go back and reread a whole lot, because I have about as much an idea of who Gaten is as Gaten does of who Cale is.

If you, like Jennifer Richardson, are an LFG fan without an encyclopaedic knowledge of its 10 year publishing history, you’re in luck! The current main comic story arc and the new NPC storyline cross over at what I think is an important but often overlooked chunk of LFG history. All of the backstory you need to understand what’s going on four days of the week at can be found in Looking For Group #4.

Gaten is pretty easy to sum up. He’s the quintessential quest giver. By- Wait, am I using quintessential right?

“quin·tes·sen·tial (/,kwin(t)əˈsen(t)SHəl/), adjective: representing the most perfect or typical example of a quality or class. From the Latin quinta essense, the fifth essence or element.”

Whoa. Quintessential means “fifth elemental”? Man learning is fun.

Gaten’s defining features so far have been that he has A. a quest, and B. a name. He’s never said anything that wasn’t to inform the main cast or to get them to do something, he didn’t have a memorable death, and he never even had a punchline until now. That’s what’s so exciting about Gaten’s return. It’s kind of assumed that he’s been in charge of Kethenecia in Cale’s absence because of the significance of his role in the city, not his role in the comic. As a character, there’s nothing there. Which actually means anything could be there.

Jarl is pretty similar, but he has an excuse. Of the 20 or so pages that Jarl appears in, he’s possessed by elemental gods the Phares in all but one, and he only appears in one panel of that one page. Did the Phares only possess Jarl because he dug them up? Was he somehow exceptional? Was he exceptionally not exceptional? His cup runneth over, all right. With potential!

LFG and NPC storylines don’t usually run parallel. This lets readers catch up on members of LFG’s rich and deep cast that won’t necessarily be in the spotlight in the near future. I’m not sure if this is a new direction, a coincidence, or something special. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below.

Speaking of comments, here are the top comments for Befruary 27th to March 3rd, 2017. Yep, I accidentally wrote Befruary and I’m not about to change it.

LFG 1065
Maire Phelan
Fail Anonymous. Supposed to meet every wednesday at 7 but the building caught on fire.

Speedy Marsh
Then sigh not so,
But let them go,
And be you blithe and bonny;
Converting all your sounds of woe
Into. “Hey, ‘Anon, ‘Anonny!”

Xavia Carbine
What cup? The one with the creepy elementals?
Also, I love how cale looks so un-manly, even though his fingers are the size of that guy’s arm.

NPC 27-1
Michael Yang
tying it in to the most recent main comic page, interesting

Galileo Figaro
Are we finally going to tell the story of how the well was filled with so many heads or are we going to a mass book burning where the knowledge is lost very ironically?
I could go for both.

Russell Levine
Is that guy passing notes?

TDA 159
Pamela Barton
Well it’s about time. Hate break it to the anti-vaxxers but you sound like your saying “I would rather my child be dead than autistic”. Accidental or not maybe it’s time to alter your message?

Xavia Carbine
Not sure which is funnier, that he dropped the mic or that the stool went with it.
Also, I’m waiting for the next page to have him holding up a letter from an envelope saying “This is not a joke, guns won best picture and cause autism”

Kai Lowell
He gun get shouted at for that one.

Ernest Castro
Guns are for weak people who can’t do a proper Fwoosh.

LFG 1066
(honourable mention goes to the many people who pointed out that Cale’s napkin was tucked into his shirt through the illusion. As established a few pages earlier, Cale is bad at illusions. It was weird how many people independently made a comment on the napkin instead of replying or upvoting the comments that were already there.)

Sariias Moor
*whispers* “There are eyes everywhere”
but then
Should have said ears instead. Everyone knows that elves take more stock in ears than anything else, what with their long stupid stupid ears.
Also is Cale just going to shove food into his eyes now that illusion is there? I Mean look at that neck.

Alexandre Cauchon
sure leena put a heads dwell but I’m glad she financed the pancake bistro, I never could because Richard kept “misunderstanding” what flambée means

Mike Fang
Yeah, nobody’s going to stop you and ask “Why are you pulling your cape up around your face and acting all suspicious?”

Yücel Flavourius
I dunno why, but those plump cyclop waiters are always so cute.

NPC 27-2
Alexandre Cauchon
He is Jarl of whiterun, he can sleep during class

Speedy Marsh
This was before a flood wiped out the first IKEA factory.

Galileo Figaro
He should join Hctib’s army, they offer an excellent dental plan that should at the very least fix some of the damage.

Minh Duong
Ah yes…… the memories of the self inflicted whiplash are flooding back now…….Ouch! the phantom pain returns.

Until next time, be excellent to each other!