At 100k…

10 days left to go on the This is War Kickstarter, and we’re still 30k from where I want to be, to make a significant dent into pre-production for the LFG movie.

With that, we’ve got 2 big announcements to make with regard to the Kickstarter:


That’s right, once we hit that magical 100k, we’ll unlock the ‘For Pony’ bracelets to everyone at the Digital Level and above, meaning finally, at long last, you can raise awareness for the only cause worth caring about.

And for those of you who haven’t pledged anything because you already have all the books, we’ve put in a new level, which has the new and improved Orphanage t-shirt as a reward.

Did I tempt you?

Did I?

As always folks, thank you hugely for your support.

-Because I Can.

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