Almost Time for No Pants

Afternoon, friends.

Apologies for the quiet February from me, but I’ve been keeping my head down and getting things done before convention season picks up again.

Which, it should be noted, begins in Seattle in a few weeks when Lar and I will be attending Emerald City Comic Con. More on that in the coming weeks.

What I wanted to accomplish today, was to thank the thousands of you who applied to be beta testers for the TDA iOS game.

At the end of the day, we selected 138 people to participate and as of yesterday, are actively involved in the testing process. If you were not chosen, please don’t be discouraged, as I promise you everyone will get the chance to play the game as soon as it’s ready.

And with that, I leave you all to have a terrific weekend and I’ll be back next week with maybe a few hints on the new thing we’re working on.


-Because I Can.

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