A Few Updates

14 Days into the campaign, and we’ve made a significant dent. Still, quite a long ways to go, but I have faith.

I know alot of you like to wait to the very last minute to back kickstarters (Hell, I do it myself) but with 17 days left to go on the LFG & The Fork of Truth Campaign, I humbly request that you head on over there today to pick up a copy of the game. It may seem like a big number, but with each person on board, we get closer to our goal

We’re putting everything we have into this project and we need your help.

While we’re here, a few of the recent updates that have been made:

  • The game will be completely DRM free. You buy it, you decide what to do with it.
  • Characters from Ctrl+Alt+Del, Something Positive and other popular webcomics will now be available in game as companions.
  • A bunch of new levels were added, please do check them out.
  • A Fwoosh lighter. Whhaaaaat?
  • The game will be available on Linux from launch.

Again, none of this happens without you.


Thanks, folks.

Oh! And did I forget to mention that the forums were back?

-Because I Can.

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