A Few is 3 or more

As I return from one trip and prepare for another, there are a few things I wanted to make note of-

  • While I will be in Seattle this weekend for Emerald City Comicon, I’ll be exhibiting in as head of Comic Bento. That said, while we won’t have any BFE merch on hand, if you stop by booth #1301, I’ll be more than happy to chat and sign anything you bring.
  • Due to unforeseen circumstances outside of our control, we’re losing James Silvani on this tale of NPC, with tomorrow being his last page. Taking up where he left off though is Rob Lundy, beginning this Friday with page 9.
  • If you’re not playing Telltale’s Game of Thrones game on your iOS device, you should be.

Also, not super sure who this Costello kid is or why he keeps showing up on my front page.

-Because I Can.

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