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May 4, 2021 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1497 – 1500

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1497 – 1500

Looking For Group page 1497

And if there is no court, then there is no game



Marek Lilleleht

And on the next page, you see a warlock in the corner sulking while Cale and Benny discuss how to destroy the book. 😉

Katherine Delain

I love these Mass Effect/inFamous morality decisions that the story likes to crop up.

Brett Stratton

Yes, instead of infanticide, let’s just leave them all to wallow in infinite darkness!

The moral option!

Mr. Random


Are you sure it’s not a cook book on how to make egg related entrees?

Siabhra Dubh

There is the simple way and the bloodthisty way.

What would Richard do?

Mark Gossage

Big fat high intellect Magic book??

Ken Nielsen

Something tells me this is going to damage the universe in unimaginable ways no matter that Cale does

Robert J North

Looking For Group page 1498

I suspect this is a case where the pen will be mightier than the sword…

J Hill

that’s just cause you don’t do this to books, like ever!


Well. If you can’t break the rules. Change them instead.


Have you tried filling it with fart jokes?

Mr. Random


the book didn’t work, back to killing fetuses 😃

Philip Nielsen

If watching Alien 2 taught me something, is that giant eggs always have an abominable monstrosity laying them.

Vicky Forquilla

4 Words

Set it on fire

David Eichler

$10 says Richard gets to be a judge for a day

Drew Huscher

Looking For Group page 1499

Oh, I was joking when I said to fill it with fart jokes….

Guess it’s an actual method though.

Mr. Random

Everyone knows that the best way to undo a magical book is with a basilisk tooth.

Bram Weinreder

And when people wonder why Benny is second best girl (First is Pella and you honestly cannot change my mind) it is reason like this she ranks that high.

John Belrose

Oh the things they’re going to write in that book. Richard would probably put something along the lines of ‘the judge must wear frilly bonnets for each case’ or something along that line

Maighdean Dubh


I’m confidant this will end well with no further shenanigans.

Raymond Eric Dannelly

Small woo for a small loop

Blaque Wynd

Diana Piselli

Pinky, are you pondering what I’m pondering?

Looking For Group page 1500

There are those of us who’d rather go to jail then floss. Bailiff take me away!

Samuel Measa

I’m begging Monday to be a gif of Cale doing the floss. 

Brett Stratton

Oh no my poor bleeding gums! oh not that kind of floss?


I genuinely thought I was reading page 1484 again… kudos on not re-using old panels 🙂

Bram Weinreder


OMG! Not the FLOSS!!!

Michael Poe

Alright, time for another time loop. This time we kill the other dude too. Richard needs some new shades. And a hat.

Mark Chapman

“I’ll have you know that you are looking at a sentient who laughed at the thought of being forcibly flossed.”

Kyle Hart