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October 20, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1443 – 1444

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1443 – 1444

Looking For Group page 1443

So, she disarmed him. Sort of makes me think of Unchained Melody:

Ow, Pella, my killer
I’ve lost my sense of touch
A short, few moments ago
Blood flows out so slowly
And blood can be a mess
Is it all mine?
I need a hand
I need a hand
You cut off my hand from me
Like a rivers flow
I now bleed, I now bleed
From my open wrist I Now Bleed
Painfully I scream
“What the Frock, what the frock”
I’ll be dying soon, what the frock
Ow, Pella, my killer
I’ve lost my sense of touch
I think a while ago
As I bleed out more quickly
And I am spurting out so much
Is it still mine?
You cut off my hand
You cut off my hand
I’m dying without a hand, rapidly!!!
Jerome Davis

Gotta love a woman with matching axes 🙂
Garry Cylon

I also like how, even though they are cartoonishly small, they are still proportioned as humans and she’s still proportioned as a dwarf.

“And for some reason they took exception to that.”
“So you killed all four of them?”
“Maybe? I mean the mob they brought together was pretty big.”
Mr. Random


That’s a pretty effective introduction. “Hi, my name’s Pella *whap* and it’s ALL downhill from here.”
Jason Mier 

She could have just axed a question instead..
Tobias Anderberg 

This is why we need more Pella.
Martine Hetfield 

Looking For Group page 1444

Looks like some of Pella’s back story is coming up, and about (dare I say) bloody time 🙂
Pella plays the guitar for a moment, then departs to meet with the Guardians of Eight.
Pella: It be him?
Guardian: Yes. You know your place.
Pella: Best he be worth it.
Guardian: You’ll do what you have to.
Pella: Best he be worth it.
Garry Cylon

Pella better be following the rule of three again. Called for help once, two more left.

A solo campaign. Awesome.
Katherine Delain

Someone else was calling for help? How does this turn up with Pella covered in raspberry jam? Why is there no curious reaction?
Li Li


The plot thickens and their lives shorten.
Joel Bencosme 

She said “BEGONE
David Eichler 

i like where this is going
Marc Gregory