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July 28, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1419 – 1420

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1419 – 1420

Looking For Group page 1419

you all saw it! the village attacked him!
Marcus Parriott

Richard will probably say, “I can’t believe… that you could do something so terrible… WITHOUT ME!!!”
“It was the orphanage. It attacked you, didn’t it? I warned you all about those orphanages…”
Marietta McCoy

Awww. Cale.
Mr. Random

Cale: “…Huh?”
Every day it gets a little easier.
Cale: “…Yeah?”
But you gotta do it every day. That’s the hard part. But it does get easier.
Cale: *Sigh.* “Okay.”

I think it is time for Richard to go back to being evil. Cale just doesn’t have it in him. The balance must be restored, and that means a lot of evil acts. Richard will be thrilled.

Richard is going to shriek in glee and drag Cale along on a murder buddy spree whether he wants to or not I bet when he learns the truth.


Richard when they find Cale: *crying* “I’m just so proud! Give me a hug.”
Kyle Armstrong

If this was Richard we would have him dancing with a corpse eventually stopping and holding it to his group “they started it”.
Melanie Albert

Its started out as burning just one small hut.. but the sparks landed in near by straw stacks and in the straw roofs and well it just kinds spread
David Eberhard

Looking For Group page 1420

Less like a warning than a first attempt at a sexplay scene. Mind, it is probably his first try at either…
Or he’s having flashbacks about being a bad kitty.
Garry Cylon

Good start, Cale. Right Text, right behaviour. But if you really want to sell it, you have to stop sobbing, man.

OMG she actually used his name, it’s a f***ing miracle! Seriously, I douln’t remember the last time Benni actually called him by name.
Mike Fang

Go easy, he’s an evil newbie.
Sensei Le Roof

Still has a little bit of cat in him, eh? … More like newborn kitten.
Marietta McCoy


I think he should just do him. 😄 Cale is the poster child for the expression the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
Amanda Wills

You either die a hero, or live long enough to see yourself become the villain…. Rawr!!
TJ Schaefer

A chef would accidentally light their house on fire and it starts spreading. Cale wants to help but can’t since he’s supposed to be evil now.
Matthew Matyi

Alignment change can be soo hard lol
Brandon M Fischer