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July 21, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1415 – 1418

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1415 – 1418

Looking For Group page 1415

I’ll help ya, Cale! Return a library book on time… but rip out the last page of the book!
Also, take more than one from the free sample stand! MWAHAHAH!
Yes, I watched Dave the Barbarian… no, you may not judge me.
Katherine Delain

ooo pure evil from cale, giving a little kid, Tooth decay, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure and years of low self esteem as they try to control their body weight 🙂
james kerr

That is, without doubt, the worst villain I’ve ever seen.

Look at Chekov’s ax there in panel 1. And his victims in the last panel.


Yes, cavities. Once again the long game proves the most cruel.
Logan Conner

I give it a 4 our of 10, but not from lack of effort. Honestly, for a first attempt, not the best choice of action, stealing candy from a baby, Cale needs to remember what happened when Mr. Burns tried that maneuver? He got shot. Cale’s lucky that baby wasn’t packing. No, much better to start small, like knocking over a convenience store, blowing up a bridge or, if he is feeling particularly evil, running for political office in an attempt not to win, but sabotage someone else’s chances.
Robert Tobias

He needs one of those rubber bracelets with WWRD on it.
James Poston

Looking For Group page 1416

Maybe had you rented a gryphon that actually fly, this would’ve taken less time.
But what do i know.

Who unjinxed Richard…
Bram Weinreder

Benny wouldn’t be able to point out more than two months with one hand, so: well played sohmer 😉
Fabian Kessler

Who doesn’t love fairy fish??!! 🙂
Christie DeSouza


Add it to the list: Things I wish I never saw
Peter Toth

A VERY productive 2 months
David Eberhard

Now I’m picturing Richard wearing kales skin and mocking his skinless corpse
Dakota Neufeldt

Looking For Group page 1417

Hey Richard, better not ask Tim that question…

I swear they need to get over this weird obsession with giving Pella every other line for this comic.
Mr. Random

No, don’t eat it… you’ll lose the deposit.
Katherine Delain

That wasn’t an expression, benny. Richard was honestly wondering

according to what Senku said on Dr. Stone lion meat doesn’t taste very good and reeks of ammonia, but I don’t know what the eagle half tastes like.

The wings should be succulent, as they were never used for flying. Those feet though…
Garry Cylon


And here we see Pella, doing the dance of her people.
It’s called “I’m short, muscular, and recently tossed off of what will shortly be lunch.”
Jay T Wilkey

I wonder what evil deeds he’s been up to.
Matthew Matyi

Looking For Group page 1418

Like most women, Richard thinks she can stuff any amount of stuff into her purse. Unlike most women, she CAN.
Garry Cylon

So Richard is becoming a crazy cat collector lady, only with large deadly creatures in the pink purse…
J Hill

now see he went wrong when he tried to sneak out of there cartoon style…..everyone knows they always get caught
Nicholas Lancial

I fully expect that at some climactic point in the future, Richard’s just going to turn out his purse and we’ll just see a splash page of everything crushing some big enemy wizard.
Also, people keep referring to Richard as a woman.
Is that right?
I mean, I know that’s the body, but s/he’s been identifying as a man for a while now so….
Mr. Random


Part of the comic, part of the purse.
David Eberhard

That classic sneaking pose
Drew Huscher

I knew he was cheating
Jakub Kuczkowski