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June 30, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1411 – 1412

Tuesday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are your top comments for Looking For Group pages 1411 – 1412

Looking For Group page 1411

…ah, yes, that pinnacle of sophistication and wisdom: “What if too much good WAS ACTUALLY BAD”. Sometimes it can work, but tends to falter if you’re not able to demonstrate, in mundane terms, what that actually means.

“Didn’t that one book say that in the beginning, when the [land] was formless and empty there was only darkness”
“Quiet you”
“And if… IF… this were a video game then you usually don’t get a lighting engine so you get all light and no darkn…”

Congratulations, Cale’anon, you singlehandedly doomed the universe by domesticating Richard.
Nemo Nekoi

You cannot have light without darkness, for anything in the path will cast shadow. No matter what you cannot erase light for even a candle can erase it. They create each other, and when one is too strong the counterpoint happens to create balance. This method would not be correct though. Cale has already proven he cannot be taken to extremes for he keeps his path.


The pause is important
David Eichler 

The suspense is killing me!
David Eberhard 

on one hand, I would say, it’s more philosophy, without light, there can be no darkness. Like ying and yang.
One the other hand, it’s still the plane of Suck, so I guess, they want the light to stay, so they have something to troll around, I guess….
David Henseler 

(Costello’s note: Nothing but Davids in this section, weird…)

Looking For Group page 1412

When you think they can’t possibly drag things out, they reset the clock.
kehi deni

So if he talks forever, he’ll never be punished?
Mr. Random

Oooh… loophole. 😉
Katherine Delain

Great, now we’ll never know what’s going on cause Cale will never shut up.
Michael Clayton

….and the clock resets, NOW…
Garry Cylon


He is an elf so he is evil what is the problem? He even got Richard more power for evil !
Jesse Samuels 

Duck tape his mouth shut
David Eichler 

It looks like most readers missed the fact that between panels 3 and 4 Cale’Anon is ‘Marginalized!’ I guess now he needs to gett his mind out of the gutters… 😉
Andrew Bergstrom