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February 3, 2020 | Costello

Top Comments – Pages 1369 – 1370

Monday, YOU are the star! We curate our favourite comments from the previous week’s comments on and Facebook and remind you how clever you are. Here are the top comments for Looking For Group pages 1369 – 1370

Looking For Group page 1369

Why is no one commenting on the fact that the doll’s face is different in the last panel than in any of the others?
Topher O’Connor

Ooh, pierced the doll through the sister, and Richards heart then broken as well, (He loved her) the two things he most loved… Involve an unholy blade, black magic and an evil father and an evil mage … Umm, I’m all out of D D plus ones.. Except Richard has always been more than the base factors, he’s always left us guessing, and now we know why… ( Yes, an unholy explosion and the resultant amalgamation still leaves us guessing, but what else is new here 😛 )
Garry Cylon

Blind guess: the daughter hits the father with the doll, knocking him out cold. She then rushes forward and stabs the Archmage, spilling a single drop of magically supercharged blood onto the altar, yielding a catastrophic explosion. Whatever’s inside the sarcophagus (some kind of ooze, maybe?) spills out, absorbing the bodies of the three dead-and/or-dying humans, the doll, and the drop of the Archmage’s blood, yielding an amalgam of all the characteristics inherited from those sources.
Craig Eubanks

Richard is the sister.

Richard is the doll.

Richard is everyone/thing in the room except the Arch Mage!
Katherine Delain


I’m so stoked for this origin story. He’s ready, he’s made his choice..let the kid go through with it.
David Camp

So children are the Crypt-Open Currency?
Jay T Wilkey

The answer is clear: Stab the doll
Robert J North

Looking For Group page 1370

Okay, I just finished a marathon read of LFG, and I finally have it all figured out the best headcannon for LFG in time for this possible big storyline reveal.
My headcannon is that this is a D&D game gone terribly awry. The characters with actual players are Cael, Benny, Pella, Krush (who got out before things went completely batshit), and Richard, while the DM was every other NPC. Notice the WAS in there. The DM had a grand plan, but things went awry from the beginning because of Richard’s player. The DM’s prime NPC and story mover was the archmage of course, and after so many frustrations the DM decided to finally take out Richard’s character. Except, inexplicably, the player rolled a series of natural 20’s at all the wrong times and killed the NPC. At this point, the DM quit the game in frustration. However, the players wanted to keep playing, so they pooled to make NPCs and missions to keep things going, with Richard’s player at the helm for total zany-ness, and it became a sort of communal storytelling thing. They also raided the DM’s notes to include some of his backstory, and that’s how we get to today.
For the TL;DR crowd: This is a D&D game where the players drove the DM insane and took over.

And she yanks the gem out of her fathers hands and slaps it on the doll. Just a guess.
Nicolas Enderle

This reminds me of “Cabin in the Woods”


Awwww 😢 This turned into a really sad story all of the sudden.
Mette Leth Bjerre

A blood gem, explains the power..
David Camp

And mistakes were made that day, ones that ask “I see this village what does it hold? What shall I butcher them with, fire or cold?”
Mickey McCarren

Is that REALLY even blood? That could by any red liquid! *plausible deniability*
Robert J North

Oh, back to child murder. Just like the old days.
Alexis Radford