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December 1, 2017 | Moss

Intergalactic Dictators and Silly Hats

Like a lot of you, I was thrilled by the first look at Avengers: Infinity War this week! With the notable exception of this monstrous abomination, it was a pretty great first trailer and I’m stoked for the flick.

I was however a little surprise by Thanos’ “new” look. I’m used to seeing a more… royal?-looking Thanos, so his bald fresh-from-the-gym look was a little weird.

Fortunately, as he does with all problems in my life, Lar whipped up a solution that I’m happy to share with you all! 


Now you can save these images, print them out and do what we’ve all always* wanted to do: #GIVETHANOSAHAT

I expect you to make that hashtag trend within the next 24 hours.


(A Credible Source)

*At least for the last day or so.